Dental Care for Kids with Special Needs – Hamilton, ON

Understanding, Accommodating, & Safe Dental Care

Children who have special needs due to physical or intellectual disabilities, high anxiety, or overstimulation are welcome here at Hamilton Pediatric Dental Care. Our team offers highly individualized care and is happy to accommodate our patients in any way we can to make them feel safe in the treatment chair. Our team never pushes a little one past their limits, creating lifelong, traumatizing memories. We remain mindful of the impact that we have on our patients and hope to build positive, trusting relationships with everyone who visits our dental office for care! Keep reading to learn more about dental care for kids with special needs from our Hamilton, ON pediatric dentist

Why Choose Hamilton Pediatric Dental Care
for Special Needs Children’s Dentistry?

  • Accommodating & Understanding Dental Team
  • Mindful to Avoid Certain Triggers for Patients
  • We Take Time to Educate Patients & Parents

Why is Dental Care Important for Kids with Special Needs?

Young girl smiling after special needs dentistry visit

Children who have special needs may be at a higher risk for certain oral health problems, like cavities, which is why it’s crucial for them to visit the dentist regularly, if possible. Our team’s goal is to catch and stop oral problems early on in their development to keep them from causing permanent damage to their smile. By doing this, we hope to keep them out of pain and build healthy, positive relationships with them, so they don’t dread visiting their pediatric dentist in Hamilton!

How Do We Help Our Patients with Special Needs?

Young girl smiling at dentist during special needs dentistry visit

We provide highly individualized and accommodating treatments to our patients who have special needs and remain mindful of certain triggers that could create traumatizing memories for them of the dentist’s office. We’re happy to do whatever’s necessary to allow them to feel comfortable and right at home in our dental office.

How Can Sedation Dentistry Help?

Child relaxing after sedation dentistry visit

In addition to accommodating care, we also offer several different forms of dental sedation, including hospital anesthesia, oral conscious sedation, and nitrous oxide. The type of sedation that we recommend will be based on the severity of their dental phobia or how high their sensitivities to their environment are. We make sure to monitor them throughout their entire treatments and always take the time to explain the entire process to parents, so you can feel confident that your child’s health and wellness is in excellent hands.