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Dr. Hooman Arjomand

Hamilton pediatric dentist Hooman Arjomand D D S

Dr. Arjomand earned his undergraduate degree from The University of Western Ontario and then was given a scholarship to study dentistry at The Ohio State University. Upon graduating from Ohio State, he worked as a general dentist for 8 years, at which time he was able to experience all the different aspects of dentistry. After experiencing all that dentistry has to offer, Dr Arjomand realized that he had a passion for treating children and so he went back to complete his specialty pediatric dental training at the world renowned Tufts Dental School in Boston, Massachusetts. Upon the successful completion of rigorous exams in both Canada and the United States, Dr Arjomand is now one of only a handful of dentists in North America who is a certified pediatric dentist in both countries.

When not working, Dr Arjomand likes to enjoy life with his lovely wife Yasmin and their three young children.